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News Archive

GVHBA welcomes these new members

On August 16, 2016, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association welcomed 21 (twenty-one) new members:  Upper Canada Forest Products, Sphere 1 Logistics Inc., Garcha Properties Ltd., Marino General Contracting Ltd., Thompson Heating Ltd., Future Living Ltd., Buildya Enterprises Ltd., BAM Communications Inc. , Ryzer Enterprises LLC dba Ryzer Sales & Contracting, Kovet Design, FirCrest Developments Ltd., Cadec Inc., 0980177 B.C. Ltd. dba Amplesinohomes, 
Danma Kitchen Cabinets Ltd., Cam Frank Construction Ltd., renovateme! design & construction, Twin Lions Contracting, Icon Marketing Inc., CMGT Construction, and Bright Star Holding Inc. 
Upper Canada Forest Products
Supplier: Panels and interior wood finishing products, countertops
Referred by:
1) Larry Clay, Clay Construction Inc.
2) Paul Bhopal, Sunrise Kitchens Ltd.
Contact: Veronica Ray
Phone: 604-522-3334
Sphere 1 Logistics Inc.
Supplier: Shipping, Transportation, Freight Forwarding
Referred by:
1) Ted Lau, Ballistic Arts Media Studios Inc.
2) Simone Sunderland, Green Sheet Construction Data Ltd.
Contact: Alexandra Hnatko
Phone: 604-570-0071
Garcha Properties Ltd.
Builder (1 – 49 units, Multi-family), Developer
Referred by:
1) Manjot Nijjar, Northcoast Building Products Ltd.
2) Amar Bains, Nordel Development Ltd.
3) Brandon Trent, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing
Contact: Justin Garcha
Phone: 604-593-5251
Guru Contracting Ltd.
Trade Contractor: HVAC, plumbing, electrical
Referred by:
1) Sunny Takhar, 360 Home Renovations Inc.
2) Dalbir Dosanjh, Sir Homes Ltd.
Contact: Rajan Baldev Jhajj
Phone: 778-896-7252
Marino General Contracting Ltd.
Renovator, General Contractor
Referred by:
1) Rob Sengara, Sen Western Wholesale Lumber Ltd.
2) Loy Leyland, Loy Leyland Architect Inc.
Contact: Joe Marino
Phone: 604-266-1921
Thompson Heating Ltd.
Trade Contractor: HVAC
Referred by:
1) Darren Cranston, Polygon Homes Ltd.
2) Andrew Gorlick, Mosaic Avenue Construction Ltd.
3) Brad Hughes, Park Ridge Homes Inc.
Contact: Wayne Fleet
Phone: 604-539-2807
Future Living Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, Custom)
Referred by:
1) Doug Fyffe, Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies
2) Paul Thompson, Ames Tile & Stone Ltd.
Contact: Kiafar Ghaffari
Phone: 604-801-5720
Buildya Enterprises Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, Custom, Single family), Developer
Referred by:
1) Dave Snowden, Standard Building Supplies
2) Ron Nadain, Oasis Windows Ltd.
Contact: Pooya Merrikh
Phone: 604-770-0850
BAM Communications Inc. 
Supplier: Creative Agency, Advertising, Promotions, Media
Referred by:
1) Delon Law, Polygon Homes Ltd.
2) Tommy He, Bold Properties Inc.
Contact: Andrew Wu
Phone: 604-563-8862
Ryzer Enterprises LLC dba Ryzer Sales & Contracting
Trade Contractor: Building exteriors, doors, windows
Referred by:
1) Justin Bontkes, Caliber Projects
2) Neal Turner, Westeck Windows Mfg. Inc.
Contact: Ryan VanDelft
Phone: 360-318-4690
Kovet Design
Project Management, Interior Designer
Referred by:
1) Chad Walmsley, Northern Alpine Contracting
2) Troy Felix, Mercury Contracting
Contact: Katie Schomaker
Phone: 604-725-4809
FirCrest Developments Ltd.
Renovator, General Contractor, Developer
Referred by:
1) Richard Lehingrat, Rempel Bros. Concrete Ltd.
2) Alisa Aragon, Your Mortgage Solutions Group 
Contact: Jack Gibson
Phone: 604-835-4200
Cadec Inc.
Referred by:
1) Larry Clay, Clay Construction Inc.
2) Alisa Aragon, Your Mortgage Solutions Group 
Contact: Jomon Meleppuram
Phone: 778-294-3223
0980177 B.C. Ltd. dba Amplesinohomes
Builder (1-49 units, Custom, Single family)
Referred by:
1) Minder Bhullar, Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies
2) Amar Kahlon, Oasis Windows Ltd.
Contact: Lena Zhao
Phone: 778-837-0696
Danma Kitchen Cabinets Ltd.
Referred by:
1) Natasha Deley, VGC Vancouver General Contractors Inc.
2) Todd Senft, reVISION Custom Home Renovations Inc.
Contact: Nicholas Mohan
Phone: 604-525-1565
Cam Frank Construction Ltd.
Builder (1 – 49 units, Custom, Single family)
Referred by:
1) Carl Gruell, Westcoast Moulding & Millwork Ltd.
2) James Li, Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies
3) Clayton Wolfe, Ply Gem / Mitten
Contact: Marissa Dang
Phone: 604-837-3822
renovateme! design & construction
Referred by:
1) Michael Iacutone, Olympia Tile International Inc.
2) Amir Asghari, Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies
3) Ed Gozen, Sam’s Flooring Supplies
Contact: George Sotiriades
Phone: 604-761-2421
Twin Lions Contracting 
Referred by:
1) Joel Barrett, Barrett Group Custom Builders
2) Matt Robinson, Monarch Floor & Window Coverings
3) Graham Beatty, True North Comfort
Contact: Kevin Hatch
Phone: 604-317-9485
Icon Marketing Inc. 
Supplier:  Real Estate Sales and Marketing
Referred by:
1) Karin Bohn, House of Bohn
2) Hamid Ahmadian, Avestex Group
Contact: Crystal Hung
Phone: 604-227-7967
CMGT Construction 
Builder (1 – 49 units, Custom), Renovator
Referred by:
1) Janvin Lowe, Architrix Design Studio Inc.
2) Mei Tham, Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware Ltd.
Contact: Philip Jiang
Phone: 604-788-9972
Bright Star Holding Inc. 
Builder (1 – 49 units, Custom, Single family), Developer
Referred by:
1) Dave Dhimam, Country Lumber
2) Christina Leal, Pacific Home Warranty Insurance Services Inc.
Contact: Inderjit S. Parmar
Phone: 604-782-2581


Regulation focuses on owner-built homes

It seems lately that most of the headlines about housing and real estate in Metro Vancouver have been about ever higher prices, factors driving supply and dmand, and what government plans to do about it. Read More.

The GVHBA has concerns over the retroactive nature of the proposed PPT

The GVHBA has concerns over the retroactive nature of the proposed PTT. In new housing construction, pre-sale and custom build contracts are agreed to months, if not years in advance of completion.

These contracts are entered into in good faith, and on full disclosure of costs, fees and taxes. The retroactive nature of the new tax will create an unfair and punitive burden to purchasers holding presale and custom-build contracts that close after August 2nd.

We would urge the provincial government to amend the proposed policy to exempt all contracts signed prior to August 2nd.

Homebuilders struggle to keep up with Canadian boom

 The housing boom in Canada’s hottest cities has spilled over into the suburbs, where builders say they are working as fast as they can to meet soaring demand and get homes to market before a much-feared housing bust. READ MORE.

GVHBA Fall Classic Silent Auction



Surrey Now: Cooling off period urged to protect hasty home buyers

Bob de Wit weighs in on a recommended seven day cooling off period to protect homebuyers with time for home inspection. READ HERE.

Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver: The Real Estate Therapist with Bob de Wit

Your Real Estate Therapist Joannah Connolly is joined by Bob de Wit, CEO of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association as they discuss a new and revealing study surveying Vancouver millennials, knowing when it's time to rent and when it's time to buy, home renovations and more. Joe Geluch President of Naikoon Contracting Ltd. also stops by to discuss some of his innovative housing ideas.

 Listen on Demand here. Bob's piece starting at 08:50.

The Province: Residential building has become as much a science as a craft

Building science technology, used to enhance livability and meet or exceed consumer expectations in home performance and sustainability, has now become the "musthave tool" in any professiona builder's tool box.

Read more.

North Shore News: Renovate or Relocate May 2016

 Read here.

Home BUILDER Magazine: GVHBA Customize Parade To Reflect Builder Activity

Read the snippet on page 35 HERE