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News Archive

News Archive

2015 Membership Milestone Awards

2015 Milestone Award Winners

5 Years of Continuous GVHBA Membership
Ace Integrated Systems Ltd.
Alyza Homes
AMA Total Renovation Ltd.
Avant Contractors Inc.
Averra Developments Inc.
Axiom Builders Inc.
Benefits Waste Management
Billingsley Construction Ltd.
Burnco Rock Products Ltd.
Calvert Design Studio
Canterbury Kitchens Ltd.
Cedar Developments Corporation
CMP Development Group Ltd.
Coast Pacific Wire And Alarms Inc.
Converge Construction Ltd.
Dreamcast Design And Production
Equipco Ltd.
Frontier Homes & Renovations Inc.
Gramercy Developments Ltd.
Hayer Builders Group Inc.
Interlock Industries (Bc) Ltd.
John Henshaw Architect Inc.
Lanstone Homes Ltd.
Level One Construction Ltd.
Mapei Inc.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Mira Floors & Interiors
Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc.
Mitten Inc.
Oceanicflo Construction + Development Corp.
Optimum Solution Design Build Ltd.
Pantheon Developments Ltd.
Phy Construction Ltd.
Ply Gem
PPG / Dulux
Smallworks Studios / Laneway Housing Inc.
Trainwest Management & Consulting Inc. / Sandler Training
UPA Construction Group (BC) Ltd.
Wensley Architecture Ltd.
Westerra Equipment Lp
Wilway Lumber Sales Inc.
Working With Wood Custom Homes Ltd.
Zebiak House Raising Co. Ltd.
10 Years of Continuous GVHBA Membership
Bayview Construction Ltd.
Boardwalk Woodfloors Ltd.
Bogner Construction Ltd.
Camelot Projects Ltd.
Casa Madera Hardwood Floors Inc.
Clay Construction Inc.
Cloverdale Paint Inc.
Coast Spas Lifestyles Inc.
Coniston Developments Ltd.
Cordovado Development Inc.
DCM Projects Ltd.
Fireplaces Unlimited
Four Seasons Sunrooms
Frits De Vries Architect Ltd.
G.D. Nielsen Developments Ltd.
Geo. Bezdan Sales Ltd.
Green Sheet Construction Data Ltd.
Hilti Canada
Iko Industries Ltd.
Intermind Design Inc.
Kern Industries BC Ltd.
Kitchen And Bath Classics (A Wolseley Company)
Marcraft Homes Ltd.
Maskeen Development Ltd.
Mitsui Homes Canada Inc.
MP Construction Ltd.
Solaris Homes
The King Of Lights Ltd.
Vinyltek Windows
West Coast Renovations
Zenterra Developments Ltd.
15 Years of Continuous GVHBA Membership
Am-Pri Construction Ltd.
Artisan Concrete Lifting Inc.
Bomex Construction Ltd.
Cavendish Contracting Ltd.
Delta Land Development Ltd.
EuroLine Windows Inc.
Feature Projects Ltd.
Fire Busters Inc.
Handmade Development Corporation
Kunaal Construction Limited
Linwood Homes Ltd.
Nordel Developments Ltd.
Rab Properties Ltd.
Shorewood Pacific Holdings Ltd.
Vesta Properties Ltd.
20 Years of Continuous GVHBA Membership
Boda Construction Ltd.
City Of Surrey
RJR Construction Management Ltd.
TQ Construction Ltd.
Trail Appliances Ltd.
Wespac Electrical Contractors Ltd.
25 Years of Continuous GVHBA Membership
Gallery Homes Ltd.
Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors
Marcon Construction Ltd.
Park Ridge Homes Inc.
Starline Windows (2001) Ltd.
Wallmark Homes Ltd.
30 Years of Continuous GVHBA Membership
Adera Development Corporation
Copa Development Corporation
35 Years of Continuous GVHBA Membership
BMO Bank Of Montreal
Rempel Bros. Concrete Ltd.

Incoming Chair Speech

Good Evening,
I first want to take a moment and say thank you for giving me this opportunity for which I am truly grateful.  I am looking forward to the next year to help further advance your Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association.
I do need to extend a special thank you to Ron Rapp not only for his leadership for this past year as the Chair of the GVHBA but also for his guidance over the past several years.  Along the same vein thanks need to be extended to entire board of directors for their support with special kudos going to Blake Huedema and Lynn Harrison who I continue to learn from every time I sit with them.  Without these individuals I know I would not be standing here today before you.
And I would be remiss if I also did not acknowledge Bod de Wit and his entire staff at the GVHBA offices, for their support and all the hard work that they do keeping this ship rolling.
I know in the upcoming year I am going to want to see all the great work that has happened over the past few years continue, 
The resurgence and synergy of our local chapter with both the provincial and national organizations giving us all a stronger voice.
The work of the Government Relations group lead by Ron Rapp, including the G2G studies which help the industry benchmark best practises.
The Education and Training committees who will play a vital role in allowing our membership to keep up with the newly implement Home Builders legislation around licensing.
The Renovation Council and their work around the Reno Mark and “Get it Writing” campaigns.
Those are just to name a few as there is so much exciting work going on throughout our association it would be too difficult to list them all.
Now for me in coming into this role I believe I am sitting in a very unique situation that will allow me to aid in the growth and strengthening of the GVHBA over the next year.
Two parts to this unique situation:
Part 1 – 
At Dick’s Lumber we are and have built our business around the GVHBA.  
Our focus has been the home building industry and the backbone of the company has been the support of the GVHBA.  
Many of you may be aware of the fact that Dick’s Lumber is a founding member of GVHBA showing our support going back 40 plus years, and I am excited at the thought that in all those years no one within Dick’s Lumber, Curtis Lumber or our parent company RONA has ever held this seat.
Why I bring this up?   I am not here to promote Dick’s Lumber, I am here to support and promote you and the entire GVHBA association.   But why this is exciting for me is that  in my role as Sales Manager at Dick’s Lumber I am given the opportunity to work with not only all of our home builders from a Polygon to a Larry Clay Construction but also a good majority of suppliers to the industry such as the All Weather Windows or Metrie.   
I do not personally know all the past chairs, but I do believe anyone who has sat in this chair up and till now were never in a situation where literally through their day to day business practises had a chance to reach out and touch the vast majority of our membership, whereas I do.
Part 2 – 
Many of you, may not know my own personal work history, but for those that do know that I have volunteered on multiple boards and organizations both locally, nationally and internationally in previous lifes.  
My experience from these past endeavours has shown me that strong associations or group survive and get stronger with new ideas and a continuance of growth of people.
I believe combining these two parts leads me to a natural mission or mandate for my upcoming years as Chair of the association – ENGAGEMENT!
I know it is a fantastic situation where we are now 850 members strong – WOW!
But if we want to continue to be strong and have our voice heard, we need to have an engaged membership.
Now I know, speaking to you here tonight I am preaching to the choir you are here you are engaged and see value to our organization.  Thank you!
But looking the across the audience at best we have maybe 150, probably less, of 850 companies represented.  I am not saying we need all 850 companies out tonight, although it would be nice.  What we need is to make sure we are engaged and calling upon our membership to participate at some level or another.  We need to show them value, we need to show the membership we are working for them.
In turn through our membership we will be sure to find new ideas and new blood.   People who will be able to fill our shoes and continue our legacy when we look to take a step back from the business.   When I speak of legacy this is not only for the association but for our members own companies as they develop their own people and their own businesses.
So again I hope to bring to you a combination of my past work history with my current role to lead this charge and strengthen our association from within by having more and more of our membership engage through 2015 and 16.
Thanks you again for your support in nominating me for this role, I truly am looking forward to having the membership be proud of our efforts in the upcoming year.
In closing just a couple of thoughts,
The first one is one I have always tried to encompass throughout my work life.
The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists. By Charles Dickens
And the second thought is more around the fact that I just spent a good part of the last couple of weeks traveling through Denmark, and did stop in to see the home of Hans Christian Andersen so from Mr. Andersen - 
Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. By Hans Christian Andersen
Thank you and I look forward to meeting with you over the next year. 

Outgoing Chair Speech

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone here this evening and thank you for taking the time to come out and support your Association. 
I was commenting the other day that I can’t believe that it is October already, and with that the end of my term as Chair of the GVHBA. It has been a very interesting, and very eventful year for me that seems to have passed in the blink of the eye, but at the same time has been filled with very successful events and some significant steps forward for our Association.
I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to serve during such a dynamic time for GVHBA, wherein under the leadership of Bob de Wit, we have developed and adopted a Strategic Plan that will carry our Association into the future with a clear vision of who we are, and the role we wish to play in the industry. Under the plan which was adopted last fall we have focused on fulfilling our mandate as “The Voice of the Residential Construction Industry”. We have identified the areas of concern and are working on the communications plan to reinforce this goal, and are working closer than ever before with both the Provincial, and National organizations to align our efforts and manage our messaging. As such, the opportunity for engagement with government and our industry has been better than at any time I can remember, and at all three levels we are starting to gain traction on the issues that are important to our membership. 
This multi-tiered and collaborative effort has started to yield tangible results like: off-setting the proposed Canada Post surcharge for Supermail Boxes of $200 per door, encouraging a broader opportunity for PTT offsets, lobbying for reintroduction of renovation Tax credits, and participation in the National “Get it in Writing” campaign. We have seen the introduction of provincial legislation for Builder Licensing and Education, and the new Building Act which is to  uniformly apply the BCBC across the province, and we have taken the initiative of providing comments on Code issues early in the process for NAFS, Arc Fault Interruption Circuits, and Fire Sprinklers. We saw the introduction of the inaugural G2G report with the second being prepared for release as we speak, and the successful collaboration of GVHBA & CHBA-BC to reach out to and engage with BC Hydro to affect meaningful communication and improvement of service. There has also been an expansion of  DAC’s in communities that are experiencing significant growth pressure, and the shift from “reporting “ on government relations issues to, identifying, discussing , and issuing a call to action from Membership to deal with those issues.
GVHBA has senior representation on both the national and provincial boards, and the contributions of our current board, as well as, the one elected this evening  has been, and will continue to be filled with purpose and enthusiasm to represent the best interests of our members, and ensure their concerns and aspirations are heard and acted upon. These are just a few of the achievements that serve to illustrate the ongoing effort to demonstrate value. 
I would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank Bob deWit, and the GVHBA staff for their help and support during my tenure as Chair, as well as my colleagues on the Board for their opinions, assistance and support. It has been great to have representation on the Board from such a broad cross section of the membership which helps to ensure that the interests of all sectors are being represented. In particular would like to thank our immediate past Chairs Lynn Harrison, and Blake Hudema, for their insight and support throughout my term, and I extend my congratulations to Dan Glavind and offer him my support as well. 
What an exciting time to be associated with such an organization: this time last year your Board asked for, and Got, a change in the weather pattern that afforded our members one of the mildest winters on record, and an absolutely delightful summer with virtually no rain which allowed everyone to work, build, and play in the most optimal conditions! We had one of the best Legend’s dinners to date, we staged and presented the Ovation Awards to record participation and to the enjoyment of all, G2G has become “a thing”, the golf tournament, held at new venue, was one of the best ever and our “weather order” hung together for that as well (the participation of the deer, Bears, and other wildlife was just a bonus). The educational events presented through the E & T Committee were seeing record attendance and will continue to expand and become an integral part of delivering material and services to support the new educational/CPD requirements, and U40 has presented one successful event after the other with strong attendance and lots of fun for everyone. 
Dinner meetings, the 40th anniversary, the Member’s Expo, orientation breakfasts, have all been well attended and received high praise from membership and with the introduction of fresh events and occasions in the future will continue provide opportunities for networking and engagement.
At the start of my term last year I mentioned that seeking to increase direct participation by members, and demonstrate the value that our association can provide was one of my personal goals, and from what I saw over the course of the past year I think this has started to come to pass. In particular this can be reflected in the increase in membership that has been achieved over the last 12 months where we have grown from 783 to 853 members, and were recognized by national, and provincial, as the fastest growing local in the country – growing at a rate greater than Toronto!! Now, this has a lot to do with the efforts of Renee Auer and her team who initiate contact and (some say relentlessly) follow up with prospects, and my compliments to Renee and Carolyn for their efforts in achieving this milestone. 
At the same time it has been the efforts of individual members who have encouraged their peers and industry associates to look at joining the Association that has been a significant factor in increasing our membership base. With current menebers introducing potential members to the events and services that GVHBA can offer, and demonstrating their own enthusiasm and commitment, it makes Renee’s and Carolyn’s task that much easier. 
I have personally been witness to this recruitment by existing members, and that is exactly what we need to continue on our growth curve and in turn build on the Value we can return to members.
I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to offer my service to this association with the help and support of Bob, GVHBA staff, our Board, and the many, many members who time and time again lend their efforts and experience to our programs and directly contribute to our brand. I extend my personal thanks to everyone, and appreciate having had the chance to contribute as director and Chair, and look forward to continuing to serve on the Board again. Many thanks and enjoy the rest of your evening.
Cheers, Ron Rapp          

Don Cayo: If cities and the province backed off their huge levies, housing costs would ease

Governments could, as noted in a Vancity analysis reported on the front page of Thursday’s paper, do much more to help young Vancouverites trapped in small condos because they can’t afford family-sized homes.

But powers that be could also ease the Metro region’s sky-high housing costs by doing less of the thing governments do best — that is, piling on the taxes, fees and levies.  Read More.

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Building Smart with Mid-Rise Wood Buildings

Building Smart with Mid-Rise Wood Buildings

Date: Monday, September 28, 2015
Time: 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. (registration and breakfast start at 7 a.m.)
Location: The Westin Bayshore Hotel, Vancouver

Building Smart with Mid-Rise Wood Buildings is a half-day workshop focussing on the design, planning and construction of mid-rise wood buildings in British Columbia. Please join us for an exciting exchange of ideas and learn from the practical experience of our panel of local and international experts.

For more details about the topic, visit the Building Smart Workshop page and register today.

This event is sponsored by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), Forestry Innovation Investment (FFI), Canadian Wood Council (CWC) and FPInnovations.

GVHBA welcomes these new members

On September 15, 2015, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association welcomed 14 (fourteen) new members: Panaich Properties Ltd., Carol Faan Interiors Ltd., Greendemo Inc., Oakhill Distribution Inc. dba Purparket, Evolve Designs, City Living Homes Ltd. dba Infinity Living, Arris Projects Ltd., Qualitech Construction Group Ltd., Remont Construction Ltd., Rinnai, Boru Carpentry & Design, Ashtech Granite Ltd., Rainbow, and Joe Varing Personal Real Estate Corp.
Panaich Properties Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, custom, single family)
Referred by:
1) Ron Sargent, Northcoast Building Products Ltd.
2) Sham Sandhu, CastleHill Homes Ltd.
Contact: Randeep (Randy) Panaich
Phone: 604-505-0601
Carol Faan Interiors Ltd.
Interior Designer 
205 – 2560 Simpson Road, Richmond, BC V6X 2P9
Referred by:
1) Tony Liu, COPA Development Corporation
2) Peter Kostopoulos, Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre
Contact: Carol Faan
Years in business: 15
Phone: 604-306-3098
Greendemo Inc.
Environmental demolition, Hazmat services
Referred by:
1) Brent Repin, Artisan Construction Inc.
2) Cheri Stefanucci, Abstract Homes & Renovations Inc.
Contact: Jim Caya
Phone: 604-475-0900
Oakhill Distribution Inc. dba Purparket
Supplier: Wideplank engineered wood flooring
Referred by:
1) Jeanette Martin, Cypress Hardwood Flooring Ltd.
2) Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design
Contact: Thalia Sieben
Phone: 604-360-0351
Evolve Designs
Interior Design
Referred by:
1) Ray Skific, Colonial Countertops Ltd.
2) Arthur Tsang, Kitchen and Bath Classics
Contact: Lianna Armstrong
Phone: 604-568-9655
City Living Homes Ltd. dba Infinity Living
Builder (1-49 units, single family)
Referred by:
1) Paul Bains, Country Lumber Ltd.
2) TJ Sajan, Trail Appliances Ltd.
Contact: Robbie Sharda
Phone: 604-725-2590
Arris Projects Ltd.
Referred by:
1) Owen Poppy, Surfside Construction
2) Wes Goldschmidt, Kenorah Design/Build Ltd.
Contact: Alex Quelch
Phone: 604-828-5250
Qualitech Construction Group Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, custom)
Referred by:
1) Colin Jackson, Standard Building Supply Ltd.
2) Mehrdad Majidnejadi, Marble Construction Ltd.
Contact: Sergeui Oussov
Phone: 778-866-9987
Remont Construction Ltd.
Referred by:
1) Biagio Lupinacci, Standard Building Supply Ltd.
2) Rick Van de Perre, Gentek Building Products
Contact: Wojtek Ulasewicz
Phone: 604-837-8813 
Manufacturer – Space and hot water heating and cooling products
Referred by:
1) Larry Clay, Clay Construction Inc.
2) Scott Brown, Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing
Contact: Dan Noel
Phone: 604-510-0572
Boru Carpentry & Design
Small Renovations/Home Repairs
Referred by:
1) Aaron Watson, Cressey Development Group
2) Cheri Stefanucci, Abstract Homes & Renovations Inc.
Contact: Kevin Burke
Phone: 778-926-3775
Ashtech Granite Ltd.
Natural stone countertops
Referred by:
1) Avtar Johl, Platinum Group of Companies
2) Meeka Caissie, Caissie Construction
Contact: Ashok & Chandni Appadurai
Phone: 604-464-3630
Home cleaning system supplier
Referred by:
1) Alisa Aragon, Your Mortgage Solutions Group
2) Dorothy Wolf, XL Flooring
Contact: Heather Fiddler / Jason May
Phone: 780-455-0050
Joe Varing Personal Real Estate Corp.
Development land sales
Referred by:
1) Avtar Johl, Platinum Group of Companies
2) Amar Bains, Nordel Developments Ltd.
Contact: Joe Varing
Phone: 604-557--575


Constructive Comment: Do homework before hiring Reno contractor

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10 Minutes with Bob de Wit: Housing News and Trends

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Found in the September edition of NewHomeGuide.

Great Ideas and Essential Advise for that Fall Renovation Project

Great Ideas and Essential Advise for that Fall Renovation Project by Michelle Hopkins,


GVHBA welcomes these new members

On August 25, 2015, the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association welcomed 22 (twenty-two) new members: Afdon Contracting, Sotheby’s Realty International Inc., Space Harmony Interiors Inc., Apollon Construction Management, Longhouse Cedar Mill, Breakthrough Academy, PWI Insurance Services (Agency) Ltd., Goldcon Construction Ltd., Naturally Crafted Contracting Ltd., Barrett Group Custom Builders Inc., Holborn Holdings Ltd., Grenor Homes Ltd., Casa Mia Developments Ltd., Carsten Arnold Photography, Blue Pacific Group, Astec Development Ltd., Goodfellow Inc., Net Zero Energy Solutions, Kanech Development Ltd., Flagship Construction & Building Envelope Restoration Ltd., Penzer Construction Ltd., and NovaCrown Inc.

Afdon Contracting
Builder (1-49 units, custom)
Referred by:
1) Jay Batch, Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies  
2) Bill Condon, Nuheat Industries Ltd. 
Contact: Kimia Tajbakhsh
Phone: 604-983-2834
610148 BC Ltd. dba Nadeau Developments
Builder (1-49 units, multi-family), Developer
Referred by:
1) Gord Sanderson, Westcoast Moulding & Millwork Ltd.
2) Sean Ryan, Trail Appliances Ltd. 
Contact: Cheryl & Dwayne Nadeau
Phone: 604-802-0001 
Space Harmony Interiors Inc.
Interior Design
Referred by:
1) Larry Clay, Clay Construction Inc.
2) Kim Siren, B.A. Robinson Ltd. Co. 
Contact: Negar Reihani
Phone: 604-782-1450 
Apollon Construction Management
Builder (1-49 units, custom), General Contractor
Referred by:
1) Brandon Nick, Country Lumber Ltd.
2) Rick Slater, Morrison Windows Ltd. 
Contact: Tarek Yassin
Phone: 604-505-3222 
Premier Finance Ltd. dba Longhouse Cedar Mill
Supplier – Building Materials
Referred by:
1) Dorothy Wolf, XL Flooring
2) Simone Sunderland, Green Sheet Construction Data Ltd.
Contact: Brian Jenkins
Phone: 250-248-5887 
Breakthrough Academy
Supplier – Training & Consulting, Business Coach
Referred by:
1) Brandon Smith, New Vision Projects Inc.
2) Paul MacDonald, Ethical Waste Services Ltd. 
Contact: Danny Kerr
Phone: 778-240-1006 
PWI Insurance Services (Agency) Ltd.
Referred by:
1) Tracy Wheeler, Powerhouse Tile Ltd.
2) Cheri Stefanucci, Abstract Homes & Renovations Inc. 
Contact: Bridget Speek
Phone: 519-747-3324 
Goldcon Construction Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, custom), Renovator
Referred by:
1) Ron Nadine, Oasis Windows Ltd.
2) Mike Merakian, Blue Ocean Construction Ltd.
Contact: Kaveh Goldan
Phone: 778-558-5051 
Naturally Crafted Contracting Ltd.
Referred by:
1) Andrew Campbell, Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies
2) Trevor Stephenson, North Shore Door Ltd.
Contact: Adam Corneil
Phone: 778-558-5051 
Barrett Group Custom Builders Inc.
Builder (1-49 units, custom, single family), Renovator
Referred by:
1) Matt Robinson, Monarch Floor & Window Coverings
2) Scott Frampton, Standard Building Supplies
Contact: Joel Barrett
Phone: 604-813-9914 
Holborn Holdings Ltd.
Referred by:
1) Peter Day, Nycon Services Ltd.
2) Rick Ilich, Townline Homes
Contact:  Joo Kim Tiah
Phone: 604-688-8387 
Grenor Homes Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, custom, single family)
Referred by:
1) James Bannochie, Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies
2) Shawn Moran, Graytek Connected Home Solutions
Contact: Greg Baarts
Phone: 604-607-4956 
Casa Mia Developments Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, custom, single family), Developer
Referred by:
1) Raj Bhandall, Seiba Properties & Investments Ltd.
2) Manj Nijjar, Northcoast Building Products Ltd.
Contact: Jagvir Khatra
Phone: 604-780-2254 
Carsten Arnold Photography
Referred by:
1) Wendy Guo, Taste of Life Magazine
2) Hussein Khatheer, VGC Vancouver General Contractors Inc.
Contact: Carsten Arnold
Phone: 604-219-0920 
Blue Pacific Group
General Contractor
Referred by:
1) John Reynolds, Griff Building Supplies Ltd.
2) Dave Snowden, Standard Building Supplies
Contact: Robert Gamel
Phone: 694-805-1100 
Astec Development Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, custom, single family), Developer 
Referred by:
1) George Ball, Standard Building Supplies
2) Cindy Prato, Four Seasons Insulation Ltd.
Contact: Gurinder Rakkar
Phone: 604-771-0068 
Goodfellow Inc.
Supplier – Building Materials
Referred by:
1) Dan Glavind, Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies
2) Jeanette Martin, Cypress Hardwood Flooring Ltd.
Contact: Drew Simpson
Phone: 604-340-7440 
Net Zero Energy Solutions
Certified Energy Advisor
Referred by:
1) Steve Kemp, Kemp Construction
2) Miles Wittig, Basil Restoration Ltd.
Contact: Cameron Drysdale
Phone: 778-903-6380  
Kanech Development Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, single family), Developer
Referred by:
1) Moninder Sharma, Golden Dream Homes Ltd.
2) Michael Reeves, Coast Wholesale Appliances LP
Contact: Ranjit Singh Bhandal / Ranjit Singh Bhandal
Phone: 604-724-3857 
Flagship Construction & Building Envelope Restoration Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, custom), Renovator, Remediations
Referred by:
1) Rob Graham, Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies
2) Chris Ristak, Coast Wholesale Appliances LP
Contact: Paul Chan
Phone: 604-282-1318 
Penzer Construction Ltd.
Builder (1-49 units, custom)
Referred by:
1) Ron Davidson, Country Lumber Ltd.
2) Mark Niedeg, Starline Windows (2001) Ltd.
Contact: Doug Penzer
Phone: 778-240-6743 
NovaCrown Inc.
Supplier - Moulding, Millwork
Referred by:
1) Shawn Moran, Graytek Connected Home Solutions
2) Dorothy Wolf, XL Flooring
Contact: Mike Caddey
Phone: 604-999-4295