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Getting to Groundbreaking

Getting To Groundbreaking (G2G), an annual report on the residential approval process in metro Vancouver focuses on the processes, experiences, and policies of residential building approvals with the purpose of identifying best practices to bring housing to market.

Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association, in partnership with the Urban Development Institute, worked with SFU Urban Studies to conduct surveys of municipalities and residential builders, follow up interviews and independent research to examine how townhouse projects are reviewed and approved in the Lower Mainland.

Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association releases second annual G2G Report

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View Bob de Wit's guest column in the April 21st edition of The Province.

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Vancouver, B. C. - Released April 8, key findings in the second annual G2G Report show Metro Vancouver’s housing supply falling short on average of 3,570 homes per year, with only three of the 11 cities participating in the report meeting or exceeding Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy - Vancouver, Richmond and the City of North Vancouver.

The report identifies pre-zoning as a solution to housing affordability by shortening delivery time up to 15 weeks with cost savings of $100,000 for a 4-storey wood-frame apartment.

The low-rise wood-frame apartment building, the subject of this year’s G2G research, offers a smart form of densification in areas with existing services and infrastructure, without having to resort to high-rise towers which can cause community angst.

“Engaging and consulting with the public is key to approving applications for housing that transforms neighbourhoods to meet current and future housing needs,” said Bob de Wit, CEO, GVHBA.

As demand continues to surge for housing, building on land pre-zoned for apartments is a solution which helps to address the complex issue of Vancouver’s affordable housing supply.

Initiated by the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association (GVHBA), with research completed by SFU Urban Studies, G2G seeks to shed light on the way new housing moves through the local government approval process, identifying time and cost issues and Best Practices.