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Certification for Renovators

Certification for Renovators


Developed by the Canadian Home Builders' Association of BC (CHBA-BC), our provincial association, the Certified Renovator (CR), and the Registered Renovation Professional (RRP) designations are for renovators. These are one of North America's first industry-driven, self-certification programs.

The certification program consists of two separate designations. One, the Registered Renovation Professional (RRP), is granted to an individual; and two, the Certificated Renovator (CR), is granted to a business. With the granting of both designations, the issue of ethics, experience, education, business practice and consumer protection can be effectively addressed.

Requirements For Certification

Individual Certification (RRP)

In order to obtain a Registered Renovation Professional designation, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Five years minimum related industry experience (on-site/education/management);
  • Complete and pass the following courses with a minimum grade of 80%:
    • Project Management
    • Financial Management
    • Construction Law
    • BC Building Code – Part 9 – An Introduction
  • Must be employed by a member of CHBA;
  • Pay an annual registration fee;
  • Enroll annually in suitable courses related to building and business practice.

Business Certification

To obtain the designation of Certified Renovator, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • Proof that the owner of the company has at least five years experience in renovation/general contracting business;
  • CHBA membership for two years and is in good standing;
  • Agree to abide by CHBA-BC Code of Ethics and other standards, such as the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines as set by CHBA-BC;
  • Employ at least one individual who has obtained and maintained the designation of Registered Renovation Professional in a full time position of authority;
  • Provide proof to CHBA-BC of having $2 million liability coverage;
  • Provide a one-year warranty on all completed projects. This will be through a third party warranty when a suitable program becomes available;
  • Provide proof to CHBA-BC of the firm’s registration with WorkSafeBC and that they are current with their payments;
  • Provide three recent written references from each: clients, suppliers and subtrades;
  • Provide one written bank reference;
  • Provide CHBA-BC with the firm’s GST Registration Number.

Maintaining Your Certification

Due to the constantly changing nature of the industry, and to encourage an on-going commitment to continuing education, the designations are granted for a one-year period only. Annually, CHBA-BC mails to all individuals a renewal fee invoice and a report verifying the courses completed. The fee must be paid within 30 days to avoid de-registration.

In addition, at least six hours of professional development must be completed every year to keep the designation current. Credit for professional development can be earned either by:

  • Attending seminars or courses offered by CHBA-BC or other industry associations (course credit to be evaluated and approved by CHBA-BC);
  • Attending provincial or national conference business sessions; and/or
  • Participating in the association by way of chairing a major committee or serving on the Executive Committee.

As they become available, all applicable update courses for the mandatory courses must be completed.

To download a copy of the CR/RRP syllabus and certification guide, click here. For more information on the CR/RRP designations, visit the CHBA-BC Web site or call 604-432-7112.

Local Certification Courses

GVHBA delivers both the CR and RRP certification course modules in the Lower Mainland throughout the year.

Members with Registered Renovation Professional (RRP):

Robert Capar – maison d’etre design-build
Graham Collins – Kenorah Construction
Harald Koehn – Harald Koehn Construction
Shinya Mikawa – Canadoo Enterprises
Douglas Paul – Briar Design & Construction
Mark Nowotny – My House Design/Build Team
Steve Kemp – Kemp Construction
Jeff Bain – JKB Construction
John Friswell – CCI Construction
Ralph Belisle – TQ Construction

Members with Certified Renovator (CR):

Maison d’etre design-build
Kenorah Construction
My House Design/Build Team
Kemp Construction
CCI Renovations
TQ Construction

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Upcoming Local Certification Courses:  Visit our Calendar of Events page to get more information.

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