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GVHBA Affinity Program

GVHBA Affinity Program – What is it?

A product or service offering promoted by GVHBA and provided by one GVHBA member to another that provides an economic or brand benefit to both members and the association.

GVHBA members will have access to exclusive savings on GVHBA endorsed programs. Product and service endorsement serves both the member and the Association well. For the member, GVHBA endorsement identifies a quality product or service, that is either unique in the marketplace or cannot be found at lower prices.

For the Association, product and service endorsements provide potential members with additional reasons to join and help us retain our members. Neither the member nor the Association is particularly well served, however, if the products and services do not meet the quality and price expectations of our members.

That being said, no single product can offer the features and/or prices that would best meet the needs of every one of our 750 plus members. Individual members are, therefore, encouraged to shop around, while remaining confident that GVHBA's endorsement represents our belief in the overall value of that product or service.

See a list of current program partners here.

What do we look for?

The product or service offered is:

  • Consistent with the GVHBA mission;
  • More competitive than alternative market options;
  • Valuable to GVHBA membership either materially or reputationally;
  • Sufficiently vetted (vendor must become a member); and
  • GHVBA generates a source of non-dues revenue.

GVHBA Affinity Partner Selection Criteria:

  • An affinity partner must sign on as a member and take on a sponsorship package or offer a reasonable share of proceeds. (Program and volume will influence this objective.).
  • An affinity partner should sign on to a promotional program for a minimum of two years.
  • The program should not drain GVHBA resources to administer. Affinity providers are expected, at their own cost, to actively market their product or service directly to members.
  • GVHBA will help promote the program to members with GVHBA’s efforts designed to complement rather than substitute for each partner’s own marketing campaign, e.g. provide up to date lists of members, create an appropriate website page, include flyers in new member packages. Partners will need to provide what tools they will require from GVHBA at the onset. All marketing materials by partners must be approved by GVHBA.
  • An affinity partner must demonstrate that they will be responsive to GVHBA members’ needs, inquiries and/or complaints. Members must want or need the product or service and should be of value to a majority of members, wherever possible and at a volume that justifies implementation of the offering.
  • An affinity program should bring in new members for GVHBA.
  • An affinity program should help improve member retention.

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